It’s been over a year since we finished construction on 2 Living Buildings in Amherst, MA. Both buildings have started their path to certification as a living building which means that expected actual performance requirements for energy, waste and water must be demonstrated over twelve consecutive months. 

You might ask, Why Certify? Living Buildings are among the healthiest and most efficient in the world. Third-party auditors verify that each project is meeting the highest sustainability metrics based on a twelve-month performance period. 

As a sustainability leader, these stringent building requirements make sense to us. We can do the same or similar for you too. The Living Building Challenge is for anyone who wants to invest in a healthy and sustainable future.  Projects range from single-family homes to large offices and commercial spaces. Learn more about what it means to build a living building and give us a call to talk about why, when and how. 

Living Building Challenge 2017