The Ready List – a specialized private list developed by Wright Builders answers the question: What can we do today today? Take a look at this eclectic range of off-the-shelf products that professionals in our industry can examine and adopt right away to make incremental but meaningful change to building a healthy environment.

One of the primary goals of the Living Building Challenge (LBC) is to eliminate the use of known toxins in the products installed in the built environment. If it is harmful to life – human, animal or anything else – do not use if at all possible. In 2016 Wright Builders, Inc. completed two Living Building, the R. W. Kern Center at Hampshire College and The Hitchcock Center for the Environment, both in Amherst Mass, and currently being evaluated for LBC certification now. These projects gave Wright Builders a unique opportunity to work inside the largely unexplored new world of material research, vetting, documentation and advocacy.

Excerpted from NESEA’s Building Energy magazine, VOL 36 NO.1|Spring 2017

Peer reviewed by Bill Maclay of Maclay Architects