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  Imagine… new and exclusive home designs that have simplicity of appeal along with comfortable proportions. EarthKind Homes step gracefully into fresh contemporary responses to age old design requirements, and carefully away from any forced traditional styling.

Now imagine your new home that… 

Operates at net-zero energy on an annual basis with owner installed photovoltaics. 

Utilizes many Living Building Challenge compliant materials in keeping with the highest standard of integrated sustainability anywhere, which means a healthier home for you, your guests, and the planet.

Is free of combustion and is low embedded carbon, which means the environment-damaging carbon dioxide generated in sourcing, transportation, manufacture, and installation of the building products are balanced in the specification of carbon-storing materials such as regionally sourced wood, cellulose insulation and other products with high recycled content.

Let’s make your new home, an EarthKind Home. Call us today for pricing and more information @ 413 586 82887 ext. 104 Ask for Melissa. 

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