Custom homes Custom homes Custom homes ... get away ski home in southern VT HERS rating of -27 beauty and energy savings in one gorgeous house nestled in the hilltowns From all sides Green living Lots of light & custom details House of six gables Net zero and more With a view in Belchertown Spacious 2 family Spare & spacious Amazing windows Come on in...

Your Personal Vision

Working with our designers or your architect, from 1,000 to 9,000 square feet, we’ll develop a customized house plan that meets your needs and expresses your vision of home. Our expert knowledge of materials and methods, particularly high performance and sustainable building, enables us to successfully blend your ideas, the design, the site and the hundreds of details involved. Our process includes expert help with making the flooring, tile, cabinetry and plumbing fixture selections that make your home, yours.

Build the Home of Your Dreams

Working with our team of friendly and experienced professionals is comfortable, fun and fulfilling. We care about your satisfaction and about quality in every detail of the construction. Our buildings grow from the integration of style and lifestyle—tempering the practical demands of function with inspired, innovative form.