Monday’s Gazette article Valley builders see steady commercial business sees a healthy future for new commercial construction. 

“The commercial construction world is really based upon success. The success of other businesses. If they succeed, then you succeed, because then there is work to do,” said Mark Ledwell, co-owner and president of Wright Builders Inc. in Northampton. “We’re all looking for others to succeed so we can participate.”

With money becoming more readily available, Ledwell has a positive outlook for the industry.

“I wouldn’t call it particularly robust or weak. It’s in its usual place. Businesses relocate, they expand, new ones open up and we’re working on all of those things now and look to be in the future,” he said. “I would say it’s doing just fine.”

That outlook is shared by other builders in the Pioneer Valley.

Anna Cook, president of Integrity Development & Construction Inc., in Amherst, said phones have been ringing more than normal for the winter season.

For Five Star Building Corp. in Easthampton, the year is starting off strong.

“I think we are pretty optimistic, think it is going to be a good year,” said Barry Christman, vice president of operations and development. “It’s staring off pretty robust right now. There seems to be a lot of different opportunities, both on the private and public side.”

The company, which has done various projects at Logan Airport, is currently working on 11 projects, according to Christman.

The strongest areas for construction, he said, are health care, academia and hospitality — something Ledwell echoed. The two agree that the health care industry in the Valley acts as a steadying influence but their views vary on the prospect of future work.