NESEA members are doing incredible work all over the Northeast. Local events, made up of Pro Tours, workshops, and other events inspired by members and hosted by NESEA, are an opportunity to showcase that work. These events occur throughout the year from Pennsylvania to Maine and are regional complements to the BuildingEnergy conferences in Boston and New York in March and October. This past Friday, Wright Builders and others sponsored tours of 2 LBC buildings, The Hitchcock Center for the Environment and Hampshire College’s new R. W. Kern Center.

With construction on these two buildings recently completed, the August 2016 ProTour was a chance for participants to see the finished products, after occupation and with systems up and running. The tour included a walk-through of both sites, as well an overview of the LBC certification process, and a Q & A with members of the team that made these projects a reality.

Because there are currently only eight certified LBC projects in the world, this tour provided a rare opportunity to hear from people working to the meet the LBC criteria.


The Hitchcock Center for the Environment, Amherst, MA


The R. W. Kern Center at Hampshire College

DSC_0006 (2)

The new “living” Hitchcock Center is designed to model and mimic natural systems with interpretive and interactive exhibits, and will be an extension of Hitchcock’s mission to create a healthier, more sustainable future.