April 1, 2020 |  Preventative Self-Quarantine  and Exposure Reduction

Your safety and well-being, along with the health and safety of our staff and larger community, are very important to all of us.  We are taking important measures to do our part to prevent the spread of this pandemic. 

Our office at 48 Bates Street is closed to the public and visitors until further notice. Unfortunately, that includes customers, trades and subcontract partners, sales representatives, and anyone else except health care providers, law enforcement, delivery carriers, and the US postal service.

We are operating office functions remotely, and continuing field construction as circumstances and judgment allow.

  1. For now, we will use the telephone and email, and even the FAX machine!
  2. We are quickly getting accustomed to virtual meetings and would be happy to conduct an online consultation with you. Don’t hesitate to call us @ 413. 586-8287 ext 104.
  3. Project planning is continuing apace on many fronts! 
  4. We will start no new projects in the field at least until at least mid-May, and then only subject to regulation and appropriate procedures.
  5. We expect some supply disruptions and delays in the months ahead.
  6. As a leader in non-toxic material selection, safe working environments, and environmental responsibility, we are, and will continue to be, committed to providing a safe and aware workplace for our staff, trade partners, and customers alike.  We appreciate your support and understanding of our current circumstance as a community.

Be careful and safe,

Your Friends at Wright Builders, Inc.