The last of these 8 sustainable duplex homes recently sold. We’re sorry we missed you; please check back often to our “Homes for Sale” page for updates.

Hinckley Trace | This small cluster of eight homes in four duplex buildings, close to the centers of Florence and Northampton, offers a new and enviable sustainable neighborhood living experience. One floor living, with light and ventilation on three sides, in the best of mid-century American style, is designed for passive and active solar performance. Inspired architecture by Charles Roberts of Kuhn Riddle Architects means bright winter light, summer shading, storage loft, great kitchens for cooks, sloped ceilings for airiness and construction technologies for the 21st century.

All of these beautiful homes have dedicated outdoor and garage parking, private patios with landscape architecture and planting design that helps provide both privacy and a sense of connection. Rain gardens with indigenous plantings and stone benches provide a park-like environment.

Enjoy the years to come in homes developed by Jonathan A. and Meg Kelsey Wright of New Harmony Properties, LLC, built by Wright Builders, Inc., Western New England’s celebrated leading Green Builder, and offered by Goggins Real Estate. Attractive fixed and variable market rate financing may be available from Florence Bank to qualified buyers.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACTBridget Goggins, LEED AP, Eco Broker              (413) 320 7055

There’s more information here: 161005_Hinckley Trace Info Brochure


  • Professionally selected exterior color schemes.
  • Stone kitchen counter-tops and solid surface vanity tops.
  • Composite decking.
  • Finish options and upgrades available.
  • Fiber cement board sidings utilize recycled fiber.
  • Construction waste more than 80% recycled by weight.
  • One gallon flush low flow Drake II TotoR toilets.
  • All non-VOC paints utilized in the interior.
  • MiratecR and fiber cement board exterior trim and siding products with high recycled content.
  • Extensive use of engineered lumber products for framing and sheathing to optimize best forestry practice, minimize shrinkage and control waste.


  • R-24 insulated concrete floor with Radon pipe in place.
  • Triple glazed premium vinyl windows U .17 or better (R-6.28 | Average)
  • Low E argon-filled double glass for glazed doors (options for storm and screen doors for additional insulation).
  • Estimate HERS ratings of 40 or lower.
  • R-35 wall insulation, R-60 ceiling insulation.
  • Roof top solar PV ready (photo voltaic easement); location by vendor.
  • Very high efficiency ductless mini-split system. SEER rating 22.
  • LED lighting.
  • ENERGY STAR appliances, where applicable.
  • ENERGY STAR 3.1 compliant.


  • Very low operating costs achieved through ENERGY STAR compliance, low HERS rating and state-of-the-art building envelope design.
  • Cleaned, refreshed and healthy indoor air with utilization of efficient air exchange systems (Energy Recovery Ventilation).
  • Relative humidity levels in the winter can be maintained at 40% or higher, for optimal health results for people, pets and plants.
  • Drought tolerant and indigenous landscape plantings mean less maintenance and sustainable beauty.
  • Superb insulation levels provide lower indoor temperature fluctuation for greater comfort, energy efficiency and cost savings.
  • Wright Builders’ signature detailing for less sound transference between ALL attached homes.
  • Sustainable practices create long term value for homes which perform well and will be economical far into the future when energy costs will inevitably raise significantly.
  • Satisfaction of knowing that a long-term investment, enjoyed every day by family members, is also treading as lightly as possible on the planet.
  • Minimally vulnerable during power outages – homes hold their temperature for an extended period of time.

Hinckley Trace Solar PV Program and Information

All Hinckley Trace homes will be equipped with a bi-directional electric meters, necessary conduits from the electrical panel area to the roof for connections, and a roof structure designed for the PV panel loads. New Harmony Properties, LLC envisions this as a 100% Net Zero solar home community. Actual utility usage can vary widely depending on occupants’ habits, temperature settings and a variety of factors.

New Harmony Properties, LLC (NHP) will have proposals available to buyers for individually owned systems for outright or independently financed purchase, and may also have a leasing / Power Purchase Agreement installation proposal available as well, depending on the regulatory environment arrangements.  NHP has no financial interest in these dealings, but expects and prefers that the PV systems providers will be uniform across the project for service, economy, appearance and high performance.  There are significant differences in panel longevity and performance.

PV panels can and should be installed. They can be connected and provide for importing and exporting of power from your system to the grid.  At this writing, sufficient separated transformers have been planned and engineered to meet current Public Utility Tariff Regulations as they apply to National Grid and these proposed installations.  This is intended to provide for Net Metering, which means that the power bought and sold transact at virtually the same price per KWH.  However, this is a changing environment, and enforcement of  Tariff arrangements varies widely.

NHP cannot  guarantee Net Metering to buyers, despite our best efforts to achieve this goal, due to the regulatory environment.

Design features and materials are subject to change without notice.