Make the Most of the Home You Love

At the heart of our business is the creative improvement of what you already have — updating and adding to your existing home for a new time with new needs.

When more space is the best answer, we’ll propose an addition to your existing structure that will enhance both its appearance and function. Wright Builders’ additions flow into the existing building, connecting the rooms and creating new and interesting transitions in the process.

Sometimes remodeling your current space can represent the most productive money you can spend on your home. Adding efficiency without adding overall square footage improves your lifestyle without increased insurance costs, property taxes, maintenance worries, heating expenses or cleaning time. It’s the best way to add value to your home while keeping your space smaller, and your life simpler.

Visit our Gallery of Additions and our Gallery of Renovations.

Additions & Renovations

When building an addition or renovation, our challenge is to create new space that blends with and improves whatever already exists. When it’s complete, your transformed home should feel like a dynamic whole.

See for yourself with a visit to our Additions or our Renovations galleries. Then, let's get started with your project!

Customers say...

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It is hard to choose where to begin, as there are so many aspects of living at Village Hill that make us happy. Our house is beautifully designed, with many thoughtful details and attractive features. It is also outstandingly well constructed by skilled practitioners using quality materials. The Wright Builders company employs responsive, capable, and kind staff... Read More

Martha and Peter Halperin

Village Hill, Northampton MA


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