Working as a team with architects, designers, and landscape architects, we'll develop a custom home plan that meets your needs and reflects your creative vision.
At the heart of our business is the creative improvement of what you already have, updating and adding to your existing home to achieve better efficiency and increase the value of your current space.
There are several great new neighborhoods in the Northampton area offering prime building lots, with both custom houses and condominiums by Wright Builders, Inc.
We are experts at the efficient design of small spaces. We'll suggest inspired ways to make the most of every square inch, and keep your energy costs low.


When it comes to residential construction, we've truly done our homework. Wright Builders has built some of the Valley's finest custom homes, additions and renovations, from the modest to the exotic.

We'll help you get started!


Customers say...

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It is hard to choose where to begin, as there are so many aspects of living at Village Hill that make us happy. Our house is beautifully designed, with many thoughtful details and attractive features. It is also outstandingly well constructed by skilled practitioners using quality materials. The Wright Builders company employs responsive, capable, and kind staff... Read More

Martha and Peter Halperin

Village Hill, Northampton MA


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