Retail & Office Space

If you need build-outs for a newly leased retail store or restaurant, an update for your existing business space, or you want to rehab an entire office building, we have the inspired design and quality construction to make your project successful.

Unique business buildings and environments set the tone for people’s work. Wright Builders can help a restaurant, office or meeting space be most successful through proper planning and construction. Provisions for lighting, sound attenuation and appropriate ventilation all contribute to the quality of the environment.

Wright Builders, Inc., is proud to be an ENERGY STAR Partner. We can construct your commercial space to utilize alternative energy technology. Why not use wood and light steel on your next project, along with other energy-efficient materials?

Inviting Spaces

Inviting spaces mean comfortable customers. Wright Builders can help you create the perfect atmosphere for your retail, office or institutional commercial property.

Check out our gallery of Retail & Office projects recently completed by Wright Builders. Then, let's get started on yours!

Customers say...

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As a journalist and environmental writer (A Passion for this Earth--essays on sense of place), I am pleased to be living in such a thoughtful, well-designed, well-built house in a diverse, inclusive community.

This is town planning at its best and it has attracted vibrant, creative people from all walks of life---musicians, doctors, educators, and people who... Read More

Valerie Andrews

Village Hill, Northampton MA


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