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Wright Builders, Inc. has been one of the leading construction firms in the Northampton area for over 39 years. Known for our creativity and ingenuity, we strive for the highest quality and enduring value on every project. We are committed to sustainable construction, utilizing the guidelines for ENERGY STAR and LEED Certified building.

Our History

Jonathan Wright, founder and President of Wright Builders, Inc., was a member of the very first graduating class at Hampshire College in 1970. He enjoyed the quality of life in the Pioneer Valley so much that he decided to stay and raise his family here. Mark Ledwell joined the company as Executive Vice President in 2000, after 15 years as a general contractor in the Valley. Together, Jonathan and Mark have built a team of skilled professionals who consistently deliver the finest quality construction, on time and on budget; the very best the area has to offer.

A Word About Planning

No matter what time of year it is, think ahead! For spring, start planning in the fall. For a fall start, start planning in the spring or even earlier. You will need time without undue pressure to make decisions and selections. A good project takes time to plan, design, cost out, detail, permit and execute. Let's talk today!

Your Architect or Our Designers

We are proud of our long collaboration with many fine architects in the region, and will be glad to recommend various talented professionals for your design needs. The independent design partners who often work with us can also provide all the structural information and engineering typically required for a smaller job. 

Leaders in Green Building & Energy Conservation

The ENERGY STAR Partner designation means that our building methods, technology, and use of materials meet or exceed Federal standards. In fact, we have been at the forefront of energy conservation, passive and active solar designs, and indoor air quality initiatives for our entire history.

We, like you, are concerned that the materials, methods and implication of our choices do not take too high a toll on the environment. That's why we work to stay current with new materials that utilize recycled components, and why we recycle more than 80% of our waste from the construction process.

Accessibility Solutions

Access for people with disabilities has been integral to our work for many years. We are experienced at providing both private and public facilities for people with disabilities, and can show you ways to ensure that living in the home is quite possible even when mobility is reduced, or particular resources are needed.



The Upper Ridge - 28 New LEED Certified and ENERGY STAR Homes

Building the Future Now

Read Our Newsletters Now

Wright Builders publishes 2 Newsletters a year - in the Spring and the Fall. Our content is rich with our Thumbs UP and Thumbs DOWN advice column, project updates, a newsy piece about a member of our staff, sometimes an appeal for help with thinking through a construction related question; in the Fall 2013 issue, we shared our friends - The Hitchcock Environmental Center with you. They'[re doing lots to keep us aware of our surroundings and our impact on the planet.

We have a new piece this Fall called "Did you Know?"; where we'll feature a interesting news article, generally from the New England area that talks to sustainable building, passive energy, building Green or the like. Check it out!

So enjoy the read and feel free to suggest how we can make our Newsletter more fun and useful to you.

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